How to view the photos

Make a virtual tour of the factory by clicking on the link under each photograph.
Pass from the low resolution to the high resolution version to see a full screen photograph. In this case we recommend using an ADSL connection.

The images have "Hot spots" (hidden keys). By clicking on these keys you can move from one area of the factory to another.

There are two versions of each interactive photograph:
Low-res (low resolution)
Hi-res (high resolution)
for the full screen view.

The images have been produced using  QuickTime VR technology. If the browser you are using does not have this plug-in, you can download it from this website.

How do I move around in the pictures?

These interactive photographs enable you to view the various areas in all directions: right and left, up and down.
Press and hold down the left hand key on your mouse and drag the mouse slowly to move around the photo.

Zoom + and Zoom -

You can “look” to the right, to the left, upwards and downwards;
to move closer to a particular detail, press and hold down the Shift key;
to move away press and hold down the Ctrl key.